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Sejahtera Group's Developements

Our developments capture the hope and spirit of the modern family and community lifestyle...

With few units left, this townhouse complex is the perfect location for your new family with 2 unique designs.

Strategically located, PIM has the potential to becoming the ideal residential home with great access.

Also located in Tuak Daun Merah (TDM) with an exclusive development to set you apart from the average home.

One of the newest and best located residential real estate developments in Kupang which your family will love.

Located in beautiful Soe and one of the newest centrally located developments with three different unique designs.

Located in Oesapa close to the sea and Kupang coastline with multiple designs and sizes according to your needs.

Located in Maulafa close to the Bello Terminal and Boromeus Hospital this housing project is very affordable.

Sejahtera Group

You and your family will be pampered with special designs of professional architects who have already considered the practicality and convenience of today's modern lifestyle...

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Why we love Sejahtera Group

PT. Pembangunan Sehat Sejahtera is Nusa Tenggara Timur's biggest housing developers with projects including Emerald Park, Pondok Indah Matani, Bello Sejahtera, Villa Bukit Cendana Soe, Sejahtera Land Oetalu, Kupang Sejahtera Regency and Paradiso Regency...

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